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Here you will see our range of stunning contemporary stoves that we can install for you, these very modern designer stoves will certainly transform the look of your home and are a beautiful warm and cosy looking centre piece! being mostly made of cast iron these stoves retain heat incredibly well and are manufactured to a very high standard!

The Invica Ove and Ovatio wood burning stoves come in 2 heat outputs 10kw and 5kw a truly stunning looking stove!

Wow! what a centre piece you will have in your home with either the Pow Wow or the Tipi wood burning stoves, heat outputs are 14kw or 10kw you can run both of theses stoves with doors open a truly amazing centre piece! 

The Invicta Brio wood burning stove comes in the 3 different designs as you can see from the above pictures, which ever model you decide to choose for your home one thing is for sure it is certainly going to be an amazing centre piece! heat output of the stove is 7kw and can run 24/7 if needed 

We are not only contemporary modern designer wood stove installers we are traditional wood stove installers also and we are adding different models to our range all the time so watch this space! please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote we think you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices! 

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